[AUUG-Talk]: Personal Contributions - AUUG's Value Add

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Thu Sep 28 20:59:37 EST 2006


> Q: Where do you go to, to find answers to technical questions??
> This is a question that each any every one of you can answer is 30
> seconds - and where the collective answers will be of real benefit.
> There's been comment on the list "that nobody has (spare) time".

1, If I can identify the appropriate forum or mailing list, I'll go
    there [eg. don't ask GNU Solaris questions on a FreeBSD mailing list]

2. If it's technical and I can't work out where to ask it, LinuxSA even
    if it's slightly off topic; the collective mind of LinuxSA can answer
    (1) or provide the answer 90% of the time itself

If, on the other hand, I'd stumbled across a "Real Proprietary Unix", 
and it was mission critical, I'd probably call a local company I used to 
work for, explain the issue and see if they'd be willing to do the work :)


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