[AUUG-Talk]: Re: Membership Renewals

Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at auug.org.au
Thu Sep 28 12:27:43 EST 2006

> Actually, secretary at auug.org.au is working fine. It looks
> like my server's spam traps are at fault:

> (I have a sinking feeling that if I
> change secretary@ to point to the 'real' email address I will
> get the same problem? Anyone here know?


 > Time to switch off SPF I
> guess :-()

SPF isn't reliable enough to be used for absolute blocking.  There are 
outstanding issues with email forwarders (eg mailing lists, 
/etc/aliases) and the proposed solutions will take a while to be 
generally accepted and implemented.

IMHO, at this stage, SPF is useful for spam scoring only, where SPF 
failure alone is not sufficient to reject.  Don't dismiss SPF checking, 
just deploy it in a more forgiving way.


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