[AUUG-Talk]: Re: Membership Renewals

Greg Black gjb at auug.org.au
Tue Sep 26 01:10:30 EST 2006

On 2006-09-25, David Lloyd wrote:

>> Membership management has been somewhat patchy since Liz left.
>> While we are processing membership renewals, we have not been
>> sending out renewal notices. Further, the credit card details
>> for auto-renewal were stored so securely that we have no access 
>> to them. 
> Without taking a too combatitive stance, I've taught security courses 
> before.

So have most of us.  But the stance you have taken here is
indeed unnecessarily combative, given that we're talking about
an organisation with an unpaid volunteer board that is busy
dealing with the consequences of a bit of a change of guard in
its makeup, the loss of the paid admin person (alluded to above)
and the extreme load of preparing for the year's major event.

> Sorry, guys, if you want to portray yourselves as a "Professional 
> Organisation" for Unix (and other computing) professionals, "losing" 
> credit card details because they are UNUSABLE (euphemism: too secure) 
> really kinda shoots you in the foot.

I think you need to look down and see if there are any smoking
holes in your own footwear before going public with this kind of

Just for the record, and as a public statement of my position on
this, I have just this minute renewed my membership online.  And
I urge other members who would normally have renewed in June to
do likewise.


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