[BUGA] Re: [AUUG-Talk]: Re: Sell me an Apple!

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Mar 28 08:54:21 EST 2006


> Damn straight.  I've measured it myself:  A non-Mac will generate
> a PHP5 and MySQL page in 0.3 milliseconds.  A Mac takes 0.4
> milliseconds! OMFG!!!!1111!!!1!1!LOL!

Lisp, C, C++, Perl and Python all tell me that 25 seconds is greater
than 8 seconds. I haven't tested this using a calculator although my
abacus indicates that 25 - 8 is a positive number.

Nothing that the company I work for has written - or any open source
applications that display similar characteristics to what we write - has
demonstrated that OS X on G5s gives performance comparable to a less
expensive Intel solution running some form of Linux.

When I eventually get the time, I might install some version of Linux on
our G5 machine and see what performance it gives then.

What we are doing is measured in seconds - not milliseconds - and it's
reasonable to expect that people will notice a service that runs 2-3
times slower when measured in seconds.

You do have a point if the difference is simply 0.1 milliseconds. In
our csae, it's not.


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