[AUUG-Talk]: Re: Sell me an Apple!

David Newall davidn at rebel.net.au
Sun Mar 26 21:13:23 EST 2006

Greg Black said:
> Agreed that the OS is crap.  So is the hardware.

That's very interesting.  Apple consider themselves to be hardware
manufacturers, and see their software as a hook to help sell computers. 
They are distinguished by being, so the story goes, the only computer
company who's customers are passionate about their products.  (The story
is wrong; Microsoft customers are just as passionate, but where Apple's
customers have love, Microsoft's have hate.)  Most people I've spoken to
give the impression that the hardware is great to okay, and that it's the
software that's most fabulous.  'It just works,' is a cry often heard from
Apple owners.

Why do you dislike both Apple hardware and software?

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