[AUUG-Talk]: Re: AUUG2005 Call for Papers closing soon

Michael Strong mike at metaskills.com.au
Fri May 27 17:05:29 EST 2005


I have an idea for a Management Presentation on writing user-friendly and 
cost-effective documentation (not a topic that comes up often but an area 
where I have some experience and I am sure many people wish we could do it 

I have been intending to write a paper on it for the AUUG conerence for a 
few years now and I determined to do it this year and started preparing but 
a broken tooth and some unscheduled hours in the dentist's chair today mean 
I am not done yet and I have commitments this evening.

If it is in your in-box before Monday morning will it still get considered? 
I hope so.  I wouldn't like to let it slip another year.

Regards,  Mike ....
Michael Strong
MetaSkills  Pty Ltd
(mob) 0417 654 004
(email) mike at metaskills.com.au

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Subject: AUUG2005 Call for Papers closing soon

> Hi all,
> Just a quick reminder that the AUUG2005 Call for Papers is closing soon. 
> The due date for submissions (i.e. abstracts) is May 27th, being not this 
> Friday, but the one after.
> So please, get thee to http://www.auug.org.au/events/2005/auug2005/, check 
> out the Call for Papers, print out a copy and stick it on your wall, but 
> most importantly, submit an abstract for a paper or tutorial on all that 
> wildly interesting tech stuff I just _know_ you're doing.  ;)
> For right now, all we need is an outline of what you might talk about, so 
> don't be shy.  Feel free to drop me a line directly or even given me a 
> call if you have an idea you'd like to discuss.
> And of course, even if you don't submit, you can help greatly by making 
> the suggestion to others.  I'd also appreciate speaker suggestions if you 
> think there are people lurking out there we should chase.
> Here's looking forward to a full inbox on the 27th...  ;)
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