[AUUG-Talk]: The Open Source Victoria LiveLAMP Project

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Tue May 10 13:38:05 EST 2005

Introducing LiveLAMP
Due to requests from IT teachers, OSV is launching and funding the 
LiveLAMP project, which aims to do for Linux application and database 
servers what Knoppix does for desktops.

OSV is calling for competitive bids from interested parties. You don't 
have to be an OSV member, but it might just help ;-) OSV membership is 


(Secondary) school teachers want to deploy Linux in labs, but their IT
staff Don't Do Linux.

Teacher gets CD and a spare box.  Boot from CD, wipe hard disk and install
data (/home, /etc, /var) to disk (programs run from CD).  That box serves
LAMP to the other machines in the lab.

OSV pay for the devel time, and OSV gives the product away. This will have
a return in later years since students will have more exposure to FOSS.

Project Budget


Call for Bids is enclosed, as is the 'spec'.

Bidding to:
 Andrew Pam <xanni at glasswings.com.au> and Allan Dib <alland at qtec.com.au>

More Info
There _is_ no more info at:


So don't bother looking there ;-)

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Hi All,

Andrew Pam and I have volunteered for the returning officer role for 
the LiveLAMP project. Bids are are now open and unless there are any 
objections I suggest the closing date to be 2 weeks from today's date 
(Is that OK with you Andrew?). Let's say by 5pm 24th of May to be 
precise. Submissions are to be made to both myself and Andrew.

Bid's are to be made to the RfT spec which has already been sent out.

The bids must contain info to show:
	a) that the bidder can do (and has done) similar work
	b) date by which a test master ISO can be prepped by
	c) date by which a final gold master ISO can be prepped by
	d) cost

All work must be licenced under an OSI approved FOSS licence

Any dervied work must comply with existing licences

Any new work can be copyrighted by the bidder (OSV is not a legal 
entity, so therefore cannot retain copyright)

Our decision will be made based on the analysis of the bids and the 
reasoning and winning result will be posted to to osv-list within one 
week of the closing date.

Kind Regards,

Allan Dib
Project Manager
qtec systems

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* Requirements
** Behaviour
    CD boots into runlevel 2 by default.
    runlevel 2:
        run knoppix' hardware detection / setup scripts
        examine the hard disk
        if already installed
          switch to runlevel 3
          offer to install system
          parition hard disk:
            hda1 is /home
            hda2 is /etc
            hda3 is /var
            hda4 is swap
          run modified knoppix scripts to copy /etc, /var to hda2, hda3
          mount hda2, hda3 over read-only /etc, /var
          ask for a root password
          create 1000 users:
            username is a number 1 through 999
            password is two random three-letter strings from 
    runlevel 3:
        start web services (apache, sshd, etc.)
** Programs
        - No X11
        - ftp, rsync for students to copy data to `server'
        - sshd, nano / joe / vim for advanced students (and emacs, but 
	don't advertise it?)
        - apache2, postgres, mysql, php, python, perl
        - rcs, cvs

** Scripts

        - Script to delete /home and user accounts, then create new ones.
        - Script to re-install /etc and /var from the CD (without hosing 
	students' files).
        - Script to erase disk (so that a fresh install happens on next 

        - Tell the teacher the IP or hostname, so that students know what 
	to connect to.

        - Dump password list to a known HTML page/location, so that
          teachers can render it in a browser and then print it.

** Misc

        - Root can only log in locally (security feature).
        - Disk quotas to prevent students using server for filesharing.

* Remarks

        - KNOPPIX expects DHCP.  Anything else will require customization 
          prompting the teacher during installation (sounds like a feature 
          1.1 to me).

        - Knoppix 3.7 has a persistent home directory feature.


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