[AUUG-Talk]: Conference comments, anyone?

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Thu Dec 15 02:27:00 EST 2005

For me, the value of AUUG is in the annual conference and the 
satisfaction which I feel from supporting an organisation whose goals I 
share. The sense of community is nice but AUUG has no monopoly here and 
has been largely supplanted by one or many LUGs. AUUGN gives little of 
value that isn't already available on the Web, and more quickly. AUUG's 
web site is a joke: a triumph of aesthetics over content. The John Lyons 
award seems to have disappeared from the face of the planet, which is a 
pity because a monument to a great man has been lost with it. I've been 
part of AUUG for almost 20 years, and I think it's losing its lustre.

I didn't go to the conference this year. I was disappointed by a series 
of broken commitments leading up to it, and chose to snub it. But before 
I conclude that AUUG has reached it's use-by date, could some of you who 
went sing its praise? What did I miss? Does it compare favourably with 
other conferences you've been to recently?



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