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Sam Stainsby sam at stainsby.id.au
Wed Dec 8 13:24:26 EST 2004

Hi all,

Sounds great. Any info on the details of the portal that they are 
designing? Any business requirements specs. would be good. I'm currently 
doing CMS and portal-related contract work for both the Queensland 
Greens and The Wilderness Society. At the risk of pre-empting the 
technology before knowing the requirements fully, my examination of a 
large number of OSS CMSs and portals have lead me inevitably to 
Zope/Plone as a solution. I hope this is being considered for your project.

As a member of the Queensland Greens as well, I get to "eat my own dog 
food", and I have to say that the introduction of a members-only 
website, with forums, chats, file areas, calendar, etc. has been a 
wonderful development (though I say it myself!). We have about 240 
members registered on the site (a bit less than half of the QLD 
membership). I used PostNuke for that system, but we are thinking of 
moving to Plone for some new projects.

I am happy to share my experiences about developing and administering 
such system from an insider's point of view. An not just technical 
opinions --> one suggestion: get your "Terms of Use" agreement hammered 
out *before* allowing people onto the system!!


Greg Black wrote:

>On 2004-12-08, David Purdue wrote:
>>We are also looking at ways to make it easier for more people to 
>>contribute content. The events help here - events tend to generate 
>>papers that can be published. We are also looking at changes to our web 
>>site to make it easier for all members to contribute. In this regard, 
>>Michael Paddon has forshadowed some of our plans - we have commissioned 
>>a design of an online portal that would provide timely content to 
>>members and provide online discussion forums that could then lead to 
>>content for online and mailed out publications. This design is showing 
>>promise, and we a now working on plans for implementation of this portal.
>This is excellent news.  In the past, it has been difficult to
>contribute.  I don't want to point fingers here or to beat on
>dead horses, so the details don't matter.  However, if there
>were easier mechanisms for contributions to be seen, then I'm
>sure people would take advantage of those opportunities.  So
>take this as one strong vote in favour of the above.
>>I have always said that the most valuable benefit of AUUG members is 
>>other AUUG members. With AUUG going through some changes and 
>>reinvigoration, now is a good time to think about what you can do to 
>>contribute to the organisation: Organise an event? Recruit a member? 
>>Write a paper? Make a presentation at your local chapter meeting? The 
>>board is committed to fostering community, but the results depend on the 
>>response of you - the community. It sounds cliched but the small efforts 
>>of each of you can dwarf those of the board many times over. We believe 
>>the changes underway will provide a more dynamic and vibrant environment 
>>in which each AUUG member can contribute, benefit and prosper.
>I thought this whole message was good, but it's this final
>paragraph that puts it all into perspective for me.  I like the
>idea of developing our community and I'm keen to contribute in
>my own small way to that.  I hope others will feel similarly
>motivated and that we can see AUUG evolve into something that we
>can all continue to want to be part of.
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