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Greg 'groggy' Lehey Greg.Lehey at auug.org.au
Thu Apr 8 10:35:05 EST 2004

On Thursday,  8 April 2004 at  0:13:27 +0930, david.newall at auug.org.au wrote:
> Without intending to sound negative, may I respectfully suggest that the
> current procedures for maintaining AUUG's web aren't working?  A quick
> browse shows most pages are out-of-date:
> ...
> Almost all of the content reached from the home page is seriously out
> of date.  The appearance we convey is, "gone out of business," which
> is not accurate; although it might be prescient, given our current
> membership trends.
> I'm not sure what the solution is, because when the work's being done by
> volunteers then it's obviously not got a high priority.  We do need to
> be more conscious of our image, and our web forms the major part of that.
> Perhaps we only need to have somebody notify the web team as pages
> approach their use-by dates.` Is this something Liz could do?  Is one of
> the members going to do it (as opposed to offering to do it, but letting
> it slide)?

The AUUG webmaster team is responsible for that.  Since you're a
member, that's partly your responsibility. 

> I'm not putting my hand up: 

Indeed.  I'm not picking on you (you just stood up and made yourself
visible :-), but basically we're a volunteer organization, and if
everybody points the other way, nothing's going to happen.

> I used to do the web but a new team formed and didn't like the way I
> did it.  Fair enough, but somebody has to own our web.

Well, we did come to the conclusion that some changes were necessary.
Some, like the change from RCS to CVS, I thought unnecessary; others,
like the change to PHP, make a lot of sense.  But in a group, we're
all going to have to make some compromises in what we Know Is The
Right Way.

What we really need is new, motivated members of the webmaster team.
I know you're out there; why don't you contact me or the webmaster
team <webmaster at auug.org.au>, and we'll talk about it.  You'll be
particularly welcome if you have some concrete ideas of how to fix

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