[Talk] AUUG web needs work

david.newall at auug.org.au david.newall at auug.org.au
Thu Apr 8 00:43:27 EST 2004

Without intending to sound negative, may I respectfully suggest that the
current procedures for maintaining AUUG's web aren't working?  A quick
browse shows most pages are out-of-date:

* AOSS page is from 2003;

* Security Symposium page is from February this year;

* Summer conference page is from 2002;

* Installfest page is from 2002;

* Canberra's technical symposium page is from 2003;

* NSW page is from 2003;

* Queensland's conference page is from 2001;

* Tasmania's summer conference page is from 2003;

* WA's page hasn't been updated since 1998;

* Lions Award page is from 2003 (prior to award being made);

* No results for 2003 Open Source awards;

* No AUUGN update since 2003; and

* OCG page is 9 months old, and doesn't even mention the conference held
  this year.

Almost all of the content reached from the home page is seriously out
of date.  The appearance we convey is, "gone out of business," which
is not accurate; although it might be prescient, given our current
membership trends.

I'm not sure what the solution is, because when the work's being done by
volunteers then it's obviously not got a high priority.  We do need to
be more conscious of our image, and our web forms the major part of that.

Perhaps we only need to have somebody notify the web team as pages
approach their use-by dates.` Is this something Liz could do?  Is one of
the members going to do it (as opposed to offering to do it, but letting
it slide)?

I'm not putting my hand up: I used to do the web but a new team formed
and didn't like the way I did it.  Fair enough, but somebody has to own
our web.


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