[Talk] SSL Certificates

Ben Elliston bje+dated+1045459195.a5e893 at air.net.au
Wed Feb 12 16:19:42 EST 2003

> InstantSSL (http://www.instantssl.com/), a spin off of Comodo
> Networks and QualitySSL (http://www.qualityssl.com/) both seem to be
> far better priced (starting at $49USD per year for a certificate) -
> anyone had experience with certificates from these companies? Any
> other companies that you would suggest checking out?

I've often wondered why there isn't a volunteer-run grass roots SSL
certificate authority.  While not completely without flaws, it could
work if there was a wide enough group of trustworthy individuals to
perform various levels of identity checking.  The certificate for the
certificate authority could be included in major open source browsers
like Mozilla and Konqueror.

As I say, there are some problems (like lack of trust by IE browsers),
but it would certainly offer a dirt cheap alternative.

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