[Talk] Suse 7.3

Enno Davids enno at doc.metva.com.au
Wed Feb 12 11:57:34 EST 2003

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 07:33:14AM +1030, David Lloyd wrote:
|I have a copy of this, but isn't it "naughty" to copy SuSE?

I'm not actually sure. As I noted, this is a request for a friend... I'm
more of a *BSD person myself.

Having said that, his organisation is reputable and I have no doubt that
if the terms of the licence preclude copying that that's not what they're
asking for. (My impression was they were hunting round for someone who
had old copies sitting on the shelf and wanted to sell them...)

I'll add here a personal view that while open source allows many things,
it is clearly not a mandate to re-interpret other peoples licences for
them when it suits us. Ethically and legally we should stick to the letter
and spirit of the licence. Anything else is simple piracy, which neither
I nor AUUG will support.

This of course does not preclude the lobbying efforts we've all seen and
which some of us participate in to encourage people and commercial entities
to embrace the ideals of opening access to their intellectual property
to a wider audience in the hopes of improving its utility and acceptance...
(and the myriad other benefits that can clearly be had...)


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