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Steve Landers steve at DigitalSmarties.com
Thu Apr 10 14:55:16 EST 2003

  Steve Jenkin wrote:

> I've only just come across a mention of this group.
> Google shows their website and that they are known to AUUG. [and no 
> other
> groups outside WA]  $100/yr membership.
> It's a real shame that they didnt see AUUG as a viable voice for them.

Indeed - Perth is too small a town to have multiple groups each 
claiming to be the voice of open source professionals (at last count, I 
can see AUUG. SLP, PLUG, Sage and Linux Australia falling into this 
category).  Mind you, I think Sydney is too small a town too ;-)

I'm going to meet with the SLP committee and get their view on it. If 
anyone knows the history from the AUUG perspective I'd appreciate 
hearing it too.

> Setting up viable, active and vibrant groups is no easy matter... BUT, 
> how do
> we answer "where do you 'up' from a Linux Users Group"?

The SLP people don't see themselves as a user group, more like the OSS 
equivalent of a CPA. From what I understand it grew out of the Perth 
Linux Users Group (PLUG) specifically for those people who wanted a 
more "professional" organisation. BTW, I did hear the comment from one 
SLP member that they thought AUUG was just a "user group" ;-)

Like I said, I'm keen to understand what happened w.r.t. AUUG when SLP 
was being established. At very least I would like and work 
cooperatively, for there is clearly a lot of synergy. But I suspect the 
opportunity for a closer relationship has passed (at least, for now).




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