[Talk] Drawing tool help

Luigi luigi.cantoni at auug.org.au
Mon Apr 7 10:34:48 EST 2003

What I am looking for is a drawing tool that I can write data out from
to then process the properties of the objects in the drawing.

An example will help:
I wish to draw 4 line in the shape of a box.
I then wish to out put that data through a process which is feed
something like:
and so on.

Basically I expect to draw the items and to do that I would have to pick
one from a set of objects I have set up with my properties. When I out
put what was drawn the nature of the different objects comes out and I
can then process them.

The sort of thing I need to do with the objects is when I have a
Joint-ltop+lright then that joint will need to have machining of a
certain type done to it. I will also need to obtain an object of type
Ltop and one of type Lright so that they can be machined to fit etc.

I think what I need is something in the cad type tools. I looked at Gimp
and OpenOffice-draw and I don't think they will do.

The primary consideration is the out put and my ability to interface to
that, then will come how good the tool itself is to use. There is no
existing input data so that is no problem and I have not written any of
the post processing yet so the tool can really be anything.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance Luigi.

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