[Talk] AUUG - not just a Linux/BSD/Apple/Vendor group

Michael Paddon michael at paddon.org
Fri Sep 20 18:19:19 EST 2002

Steve Jenkin writes:
> On the other theme I'd got to: 
> "Australian Unix Users Group - Professional grade Open Compuing"
> Comments?

Coming up with an ideal tag line is a difficult proposition, although I 
encourage the Board to grab this bull by the horns. One of AUUG's big issues is 
that people don't know why we exist, and a snappy tag can go a long way to 
closing that gap.

One of the issues that always arises when trying to choose tags is that you 
want to be punchy but not exclusive. I would argue that AUUG is interesting to 
many groups... professionals, enthusiasts, community groups, etc. We don't 
want to necessarily favour one over the other. For instance, a huge amount of 
interesting activity occurs in the enthusiast space (many open source projects 
fall into this category).

On the other hand, we need a tag line that is as intelligible to the commercial 
world as it is to those in geekspace. I believe that one of the major 
contributions that AUUG can make is in occupying the common space between all the 
disparate elements of the open computing mileau, hence providing a common 
forum and community.

So my visceral response to your suggestion is that the elements are there, but 
the balance perhaps needs refinement. I'd certainly encourage others to air their 
views on this matter as well... Where is the peanut gallery when you need it?

And I wonder what the AUUG Board's view is...


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