[Talk] AUUG - not just a Linux/BSD/Apple/Vendor group

Michael Paddon michael at paddon.org
Fri Sep 13 17:50:55 EST 2002

Steve Jenkin writes:
> It is 'Unix' specific, but not (just) Sys Admin, programming,
> interconnecting, metrics, performance, ....
> _and_ it makes us '_the_ place to meet peers when you earn your
> livlihood from Unix'

The trick is to find a tag that describes us well (ubergeekspace) but avoids 
unfortunate legalities or associations.

Upon reflection, there are several words that can describe us (at least 
broadly): open, interoperate, technology, professional, enthusiasts, etc.

There are words and phrases I think we should avoid due to excess baggage:
unix, linux, internet, enterprise, open system, open source, etc. These are 
not bad terms, just potentially self limiting in various ways.

As a tag, therefore, I tend to like something along the lines of:
   Open Computing Technology for Professionals and Enthusiasts

Of course, an infinite number of tag lines with different emphasis are 
possible. The key is to find a way to describe ourselves to the world in 
general (and prospective members in particular) that sums up our raison d'etre.
This description should be as extroverted and inclusive as possible.


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