[Talk] AUUG - not just a Linux/BSD/Apple/Vendor group

Steve Jenkin sjenkin at pcug.org.au
Fri Sep 13 17:00:13 EST 2002

On the way back from the conference I was thinking how we (AUUG) could
position ourselves in the new world of free Unix & Open Source...

There has been a previous discussion on this list about re-adopting the
original name [Aust. Unix Users Group] now that the Unix trademark is
not commercially controlled [why we went 'Open Systems'].  I agree with
that, but we need a 'tag' as well.

The selling point could be the same as the 'LISA' conference [Large
Installation Sys Admin]

We could promote ourselves to the LUG's etc as:
"AUUG - the Enterprise, Large Systems & Professional Unix Group"

It is 'Unix' specific, but not (just) Sys Admin, programming,
interconnecting, metrics, performance, ....
_and_ it makes us '_the_ place to meet peers when you earn your
livlihood from Unix'

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


Steve Jenkin, Unix Sys Admin
PO Box 48, Kippax, ACT 2615
0412 786 915

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