[SAGE-AU] Re: [Talk] Reality check...

Daniel O'Connor darius at dons.net.au
Wed Sep 11 17:47:11 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 17:11, Duane Schultz wrote:
> We're also getting read/write speeds of around 25MB / sec per drive,
> which is a little out of the bounds of IDE.

Uhh, no it isn't.
Though it IS faster than 5400 rpm drives.

You can get IDE drives which do that speed and aren't too expensive.

> Mind you, this sort of infrastructure doesn't come cheap - especially
> once some software is involved - a 160GB drive in a firewire enclosure
> looks like a darn good solution for home from what I can see, as long as
> its taken somewhere else once the data is on it...

Mmm, well when you say 'buy a box of 250 tapes for $40k' I'd say you are
in the big league ;)

I suspect USB2 will be more prevalent, but who knows..

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