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John Telek johnt at cybertech.net.au
Wed Sep 11 18:51:19 EST 2002

I may be wrong, I may be right but I have learnt one thing during my transistion
from pure geek to business savy geek and that is that even though technically it
might be the best, convincing the Gods that it should be implemented is an aquired
skill that few ppl I know have, myself included. My experience has shown me that
my bosses tend to talk to their counterparts from other company's over a beer or
two and get in their head that they should go the same way.

With serial ATA upon us, I myself am considering this as backup option.

2 things still bother me.

  i) Hot plugging. Must be capable.
 ii) Storage of the devices off site is worring as they would be extremely tempting to theives.

And I 'm sure I've missed other points but basically It seems that most managers and ceo's like
mag tape or CD type media.

Unless you are the boss in which case, please yourself.

BTW: I use an ATA IV 80 Seagate barracuda as my backup split into 2 partitons that I plug
into the spare slot on the 2nd IDE channel. One part is NTFS and the other is XFS (Linux).
@ 40GB a side, It does me.   :)

John Telek

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 01:40:25PM +1000, Steve Jenkin wrote:
> I had a thought & wanted a Reality Check on it.
> It seems too obvious not to have been thought of before, so what's the
> catch??
> The cost of DLT & LTO tape media is ~$3/Gb.
> The cost of commodity IDE drives is ~$1-2/Gb.  IDE enclosures with
> either Firewire or USB are cheap & readily available.
> Why aren't people moving away from tape media to removable IDE drives
> [and treat them just the same way as tapes.  Normally kept on a shelf!]
> Fulfills 'Cheaper, faster, better'...
> What am I missing here??  Anyone heard of this being done?
> cheers
> sj
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