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Well the disk idea is useable, however it defeats the off-site idea of
backups.  Maybe a mirrored or rsynced array hanging off 2KM of fibre to
another site might be more useful....where you rsync to a different diskset
each night, without swapping drives.

Also the other issue with using drives - what about the little blighter that
spins all the time, but the first time you power it off, never wants to come
back to life. :-)

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> On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 13:10, Steve Jenkin wrote:
> > I had a thought & wanted a Reality Check on it.
> > It seems too obvious not to have been thought of before, so what's the
> > catch??
> >
> > IDEA:
> > The cost of DLT & LTO tape media is ~$3/Gb.
> > The cost of commodity IDE drives is ~$1-2/Gb.  IDE enclosures with
> > either Firewire or USB are cheap & readily available.
> Err..
> IDE costs around $3/Gb too.
> IDE is also bulkier, and isn't as drop resistant as a tape :)
> Disks are also more static sensitive.
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