[Talk] Mailing List Memberships

David Lloyd lloy0076 at rebel.net.au
Thu Mar 21 14:37:28 EST 2002


> David, can we take this to the sa-exec list, please, not the national
> Talk list?  I'm sure people have better things to do with their
> precious time than read that the SA AUUG list is blissfully quiet.

I think it's a national issue given that most (if not all) the chapters 
have mailing lists. I believe that some of the lists should be opened up 
to the general, interested public for talk, technical discussions and such.

And that AUUG -- because it owns the list -- once inertia becomes 
momentum can simply annnounce AUUG benefits to everyone with the clear 
indication that only AUUG members get said benefits.

I have noted that this is the [Talk] mailing lists, and I'm talking 
away; unless a "proper person" tells me to "stay silent" -- rather 
hypocritical given that I've been particularly tame -- I'm gonna keep on 

And talking...

And talking...

On no other place than TALK at auug.org.au <talk at auug.org.au>...


> I will engage you on this topic in that forum.

Which topic?

* that the SA-AUUG list should be the forum for the initial wireless 

* the we should not talk about the fact that SA-AUUG's mailing list is 
blissfully quiet

* that talk at auug.org.au is subscribed to by people who don't want to talk

Besides, I thought one engaged people ON topics, whilst one is engaged 
IN a topic.

> For those who are generally interested in wireless, yes the SA chapter
> last night resolved to form a wireless comittee to investigate coordinating
> the setup of a wireless network across Adelaide.  We will keep the national
> list posted on our findings and activities, but the comittee itself is
> still in its inception stage.

I actually think the scope included Echunga if we could work out a way 
to get over those DAMN hills :-(


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