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Luigi Cantoni LCantoni at asi.com.au
Thu Mar 21 10:51:49 EST 2002

I agree but it must be made clear if the volume is large we may advise a new
list will be required.
Sometimes strange initial discussions lead to very interesting topics.

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> Hmmmmm....
> I should state that:
> * I am the secretary (well sort of) of the SA Chapter
> * Technically I'm the mailing list administrator of the SA Chapter
> I'm having a debate with various people about membership of 
> the mailing
> list.
> Specifically:
> * The President (David Bullock) and I are virtually the only 
> people who
> post to the list
> * Others who post are generally responding to something one of us have
> said
> * The list was SILENT for the past month until I made the next meeting
> announcement
> I conclude that there aren't enough SA-AUUG members to make the list
> lively OR we haven't hit on a subject to get people talking, to branch
> and so forth. That is to say, we haven't found a subject which goes
> branching so much that the talk continues.
> So, we have this idea for a local community wireless network 
> which needs
> a mailing list. Some people interested in it are not AUUG members. I
> have publicly stated that, for the purposes of conducting initial
> discussions -- until such discussions become so voluminous to merit
> their own lists [the local secretary, by the way, will decide 
> that ;-P]
> -- I will invite discussions on the AUUG list AND that I will 
> subscribe
> non-AUUG members for such discussions.
> This has the following benefits:
> 1) Someone doesn't have to maintain yet another list
>  - if another list is setup, then I would argue that given it's under
> SA-AUUG's request then the Secretary of the local chapter is the list
> maintainer
> 2) A list that is essentially dead becomes alive
> 3) AUUG-SA can blatantly advertise AUUG benefits
>  - for example, at this meeting Greg Lehey sold some wireless 
> cards for
> a significant discount ONLY IF you were or became an AUUG member
>  - I believe there were at least two new memberships because 
> of this on
> the night and one promised membership in June
>  - This says "if you are an AUUG member you could join in on this too"
> Others say, though, letting non-members onto the list 
> detracts from the
> value of the list.
> But the members don't post to the list.
> *hmmm*
> So does it have ANY value at all?
> ;-P
> David Lloyd
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