[Talk] 'Full Coverage' of our target market...

Steve Jenkin sjenkin at pcug.org.au
Tue Jul 9 11:30:51 EST 2002

In my note "Some thoughts on AUUG, LUG's and their future" of  Tue, 02
Jul 2002 I included too many points :-(  I will resend as individ.

This is the most important question I think we currently have:
'Do we have "Full Coverage" of our target market?'

ie: Does _everyone_ that would be interested in our conferences & events
get to hear about them.  [This is a restatement & refocusing of Greg's
request for input]

What _additional_ places do you know of that we (AUUG) should be

This problem breaks into a number of parts:
- electronic vs hardcopy materials
- free vs paid lists
- highly targeted vs broadcast  
[[Do you have other distinctions you can add?]]

For me the obvious organisations to electronically target are:
ACS, SAGE-AU, BSD lists, LUG's and Apple User groups.
Should we add the PC user groups, or are they too 'MS-centric'?
[[Greg & the exec can give us an update on the access we have there]]
[[Do any AUUG members have 'special' access/influence anywhere?]]

How do we reach ALL or most of the Universities?
Does anyone know 'Australian Computer Science Association'??  or Leon
Sterling of the association?  Is this a good start?

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