[Talk] Re: Reminder: Discussion of AUUG futures on auug-talk mailing list

Daniel O'Connor darius at dons.net.au
Mon Jul 8 16:22:42 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 15:57, David Lloyd wrote:
> AUUG mailing lists seem to be quiet in comparison to some LUG mailing
> lists and the main FreeBSD mailing lists. The busiest mailing lists seem
> to be the free-for-all, talk about anything technical or not (and
> sometimes go way OT). AUUG seems to have made the lists I've looked at
> AUUG members only and that is certainly that the SA Chapter executive
> actually have a reasonably defined policy with reasons (1).

1 freebsd-chat equivalent list is enough for me..

If it got like LUG or -chat I'd be outta here and I can only stand so
much drivel :)

Personally I find there is much need to promote the list - the scope of
it would seem to be covered by other lists. However I think that it
could be used for discussing general AUUG ideas put up in meetings etc..

I think the over division of lists is a killer - I believe that having
one list and then splitting it if necessary is way better than having
many well defined lists with not much happening in each one.

> In my opinion, this "closed mailing list" -- that is open to only paid
> up AUUG members -- is self-defeatist. People can join other mailing
> lists free of charge and talk about unix until they have nothing else to
> say, so why pay to join one of AUUG's? Rather than having a large group
> of people, some members and some not, with the non-member of AUUG seeing
> various "advertisements" which clearly show membership benefits [ eg.
> the conference will cost you $50 less if you are a member or some such
> thing ] we have a list where very few people say some important things.

It's not like you can change the list charter to be members only later
if it proves to be popular as well :)

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