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All the 'tier 1' manufacturers you mention sell systems that _will_
provide the performance you are seeking - PLUS they have architectures
that will scale much, much larger...

I'm assuming the 'intel' server you are currently running is recent and
you couldn't just upgrade to a 2- or 3-way 1+GHz Xenon system. I'm also
assuming you've done all the performance analysis to rule out memory,
disks, backplane & disk controllers as the bottleneck.  Ditto for tuning
the operating system.

You haven't mentioned what database you are using to support your ERP
[I am not familiar with 'IFS' - you will have to check with each of the
vendors if they support this database & product and if there are any
restrictions or difficulties.]

You haven't mentioned what will be 'best' for you.
Cheapest to buy? Cheapest to run? Fastest? Most reliable? Best
supported? First platform supported by your ERP vendor? Most extensible
architecture? Local vendor has fast response?

Not being in your country, I don't know what presence each of these
vendors have there, nor what experience/capability the local hardware &
software support have.

Nor have you mentioned the size, experience levels of your support staff
and their abilities with Unix.  I would think this will be the
_defining_ limitation on a successful re-platforming project.

Have you approached your current Intel system manufacturer to see if
they support Unix [SCO, Linux or a BSD] on the platform?  Ask your ERP &
database vendor if they would recommend this move, and maybe if they
would support it.

The usual approach to selecting a replacement system for an existing
system is to ask for quotes based around demonstration of handling a
benchmark run of your application.

-> You collect an hour or two worth of transactions representative of
your current normal load.
-> provide each vendor with this and a test version of your database and
the necessary instructions to replay your load.
-> they then run the test & supply you with response time & load data
-> you may also want to repeat the load test at a faster rate & ask for
that report...
[You should be able to get your target response times & loads from your
current "SLA"]

Vendors are generally willing to provide a system for benchmarking & can
be reasonably expected to supply it with a 'well known' database setup
on it [Oracle etc].
[It is in vendor interests to let you test their equipment - it leads to

You will have to provide the expertise in loading & configuring your
application.  Your ERP vendor may have to give you a series of temporary
licences to do this.  They may also have some tips on tuning the various
systems for their application.

[An aside: as a member of SAGE-AU, this is the sort of cross-platform
question is one I would ask on that list. http://www.sage-au.org.au]

Hope this is useful,

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> Jasper, thanks for your message, which was addressed to the AUUG Board
> of Directors.  The Board is not the best group of people to answer
> your questions; I'm copying the AUUG Talk mailing list, which might be
> able to help you.  Feel free to join this list via the links at
> http://www.auug.org.au/
> Greg Lehey
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> > Dear Sir,
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> >      I would like to get your opinion on Unix machine if you don't mind.
> > Currently we are using Windows Enterprize server on an intel 8 ways
> > machine, and lately we encounter some performance problem on this machine
> > because of the increase in transaction process in our ERP application.
> > Therefore we decided to move to Unix machine to handle these extra load.
> > We are using IFS as our ERP application.  My question are what factors
> > should we look at to evaluate this unix vendor?  We are considering HP UX,
> > Sun Microsystem, IBM Pseries, Compaq Alpha.  Can you give me some
> > suggestion.
> >
> >      Thank you for your help
> >
> >
> > Thanks
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> > Rdgs,
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