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Thu Aug 15 15:41:13 EST 2002

Dr.  Mrs.  Mariam  Abacha
drmariam_abacha at maktoob.com

Dear  Sir,

I salute you in the name of most high God ( ALLAH).  I
am Mrs. Mariam
Abacha, the widow of  the late Gen.  Sani Abacha
former Nigerian Military
Head of State  who died mysteriously as a result  of
Cardiac Arrest.

Since  my husband’s death, my  family has  been under
restriction of
movement and that  notwithstanding, we  are being
molested  and constantly
under  watch by the  seemingly  agents, above all, our
  Bank accounts  here
and abroad have been  frozen  by the  Nigeria Civilian
  Govt.  Furthermore,
my  eldest son  in detention by the  Nigerian
Government  for more
interrogation  about  my husband’s  assets and some
vital documents.

Following  the recent discovery  of my  husband’s
bank  account  by the
Nigerian Government  with my son’s bank in  which a
huge sum of US $700
million  and Dutch, Mark 450 million was lodge  and
1.6Billion Pounds
Sterling  belonging  to my late husband was seized by
the  Government of
Nigeria.  I  therefore  wish  to personally appeal to
you seriously and
religiously for your urgent assistance to transfer the
sum of $98million US
Dollars into your account in your country where I
believe it will be safe,
since we can not leave the  country  due to  the
restriction of movement
imposed on the  members of my  family by the  Nigerian

You can contact through my Email address drmariam_abacha at maktoob.com

However, arrangement
have been put in place to move this money out of the
country in the  secret
vault through  a security company to any of the West
African States or
Europe and  America as soon as you indicate your
interest my son shall
send to you the Security  Deposit Certificate and
Airway Bill of  the
luggage and other related documents so that you can
claim  the luggage which
shall be  tagged Family Treasures.

Conclusively, we  have agreed  to offer you 30% of the
  total  sum  while
70% is to be held on trust by you until we can  decide
on a suitable
business investment in your  country subsequent to our
free movement  by the
Nigerian Government.

Please  reply urgently and  treat  with  absolute
confidentiality  and

Note that a lot of people have been using my name to
commit all sorts of athrocities. Please do not respond
to any individual or persons claiming to be Mrs.

For you to be very sure also, there is this story on
my late
husband on the internet, click on this site and know
about the

Also please try and include your private mobile or
number for me to call you and discuss with you, before
we proceed.

Please note very clearly that this transaction should
be kept very,
very, very, confidential, because of my mis
understanding with
the government of this country.

Yours  sincerely

Dr.  Mrs. Mariam  Abacha.

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