[Talk] Re: auug.org.au mailing list memberships reminder

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Thu Aug 1 17:25:35 EST 2002

David Bullock wrote:

| On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 david.newall at auug.org.au wrote:
| > Greg Black <gjb at gbch.net> wrote:
| > >>> Please turn off this spam.  
| > >> This isn't spam, it's relevant information.
| > > We disagree.
| > 
| > I would rather not receive it, either.
| Options for not receiving it currently include:
|  1) write a more sophisticated authentication system for MailMan
|     (which is the key problem: password reminders are a mere symptom)
|  2) write an option for MailMan to turn off password reminder notices 
|     on a per-user level
|  3) turn off reminder notices for all users of the list
|  4) use list software other than MailMain
|  5) filter out reminder notices using your email client
|     or procmail (this 'spam' conveniently contains the same
|     key headers each time)
|  6) leave the list
| Regarding those options in the exclusive control of the 
| list adminstrators.
| Re 3:  the list administrators are unwilling to perform
|        administrative requests on behalf of users who have 
|        forgotten their password.  It's enough of an effort
|        keeping up with bounces and possible spam mails.

Perhaps the list administrators could simply announce that they
will not "perform administrative requests on behalf of users who
have forgotten their password" and implement that policy.

This would allow them to apply option 3 and save us all from the
needless traffic of the reminders.

After all, all the list subscribers are *capable* of managing
this stuff on their own.  If they elect to act as if they are
incapable, that's really their problem.


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