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Greg 'groggy' Lehey Greg.Lehey at
Sun Jan 20 16:07:39 EST 2008

AUUG has been in decline for years now.  At the turn of the century we
had about 600 members (from memory); now it has about 30.  Still, many
ex-members are on these lists, and the discussion over the last few
months has shown that they are far from disinterested in the matter.

As you probably know, financial members--only--of AUUG will soon be
called to decide whether to dissolve AUUG.  A couple of months ago, I
put forward a motion to continue AUUG as a non-financial institution
(which mainly means that members pay no fees).  The benefits that I
see in this are mainly a web site and a mailing list, though as long
as AUUG remains incorporated, other things could happen too.

The AUUG board has recognized this possibility, but the upcoming
ballot on whether to dissolve AUUG will (probably) not take it into
account.  Instead, we (the ex-members and others interested in AUUG's
fate) have been asked to come up with an alternative solution.

So, here it is.  Some initial questions:

* Are you interested in the survival of AUUG if it doesn't cost you
  money?  If you don't, I'm surprised you answered the question, and
  the following questions don't make any sense to you, but I'd still
  be interested in your reasoning.

* Are you prepared to take an active part in keeping it alive?

* What goals should the new AUUG pursue?

* Should it remain incorporated?

* What other issues should we consider?

I'm expecting a lot of discussion on this matter.  Please direct to
talk at  If you're not on the list, please either join (via or state so so that we
can keep you in the loop.

See complete headers for address and phone numbers.
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