[AUUG-Talk]: Celebrating the birth of Computer Science in Australia

Kevin Dawson hal at kd.net.au
Fri Sep 24 19:11:17 AEST 2021


For interest, from https://heritage.pearcey.org.au/2021-riding-the-digital-wave-summit/ :

"The Riding the Digital Wave Summit:
Celebrating the birth of Computer Science in Australia

The University of Sydney and Online
Thursday 24 February 2022; 9:00am - 5:00pm AEST

The Pearcey Foundation invites you to participate in a national landmark event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the first computer conference held in Australia! The Riding the Digital Wave Summit will take us back to the birth of computer science as a discipline and profession in its own right, looking at some of the early developments and where they have led us today. How has digital technology optimised our energy future? Forecast the weather? Delivered Government services?"

Also https://heritage.pearcey.org.au/australias-first-computer-conference/


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