[AUUG-Talk]: [Auugps] Last call: dealing with two boxes of AUUG documents and photos from Christopher Vance

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Thu Sep 17 13:09:29 AEST 2020

[ Sorry for the duplicated massages, but it's hard to pick out the list(s)
   and non-members... ]

On Thu, 17 Sep 2020, Jon Wright wrote:

> I also remember GRIFFEN (spelling?) - the program proving language which 
> was the most feared part of 2nd year…

Well, the bird of prey is "gryphon", but my CompSci lecherers were always 
known for their warped sense of humour; it must be the RF from the 
computers or something.

-- Dave, with his tin-foil hat firmly in place

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