[AUUG-Talk]: What to do with two boxes of AUUG documents and photos?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon May 11 15:02:10 AEST 2020

I got a call from Esther Vance, the widow of Christopher Vance (AUUG Board Member), just now.

She’s selling her home and wanted to do something with two boxes of  AUUG related documents and photos found in the double garage.

I’m guessing they’re ~52L movers “book boxes” as she described them as ‘heavy’.
If full, book boxes would be 30-45kg each.

Esther is happy to ship the boxes, though if there’s 75kg+ of stuff, maybe we also need to figure out a cheap way to send them on.

It may be worth preserving photos, but old records of AUUG - accounts and minutes I’m guessing - maybe not.

I didn’t ask what state / city she’s in, nor the deadline.
Greater Sydney? 

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