[AUUG-Talk]: Time for a reunion?

Peter Sandilands peter at sandilands.vu
Wed Sep 27 12:38:20 AEST 2017

Amazing this comes up now

A week ago I gave a presso at the Sydney AISA meeting. I opened it with a couple of grabs from AUUGN v1.1 especially "Unix in a hostile environment or Mouse Watching by a cat" written by Peter Ivanov

The point you may ask?  To demonstrate that IT security is not a fresh or recent story but one that has remained with us from the earliest days.

As an aside reading all of that pub it opened my eyes to how highly regarded UNSW and John Lions' group were in the nascent unix community around the world

And yes I'd be interested in some ales shared with reminisces 

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> Can I say that idea augurs well?  No?  Anyway, I'd enjoy catching up.  But where?

Typo: should be auugurs well.

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