[AUUG-Talk]: ACSNet & aus.map postings?

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Fri Apr 7 08:24:38 AEST 2017

Glad to see this still works. As part of the upcoming Unix 50th anniversary,
a few of us have been working to build a simulated recreation of the uucp
network from the 1980s. So far we have 25 nodes:


Dave Horsfall & I were chatting and thought: why not do the same for
ASCnet? I've got a copy of ACSnet-Sep-1985.tar.gz, does anybody have
later versions?

Also, did anybody archive the posts in the aus.map newsgroup. So far
we have only found the 1984 ACSnet map on page 16 of
Does anybody have any later maps?

Thanks, Warren

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