[AUUG-Talk]: 40 years of Unix

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sat Jun 28 16:14:18 EST 2014

Next month sees the 40th anniversary of the article "The Unix Timesharing 
System" published in Communications of the ACM; I was at UNSW at the time, 
and we bought the first tape for subsequent distribution.

At the time its only competitor was RSTS-11, and to a lesser extent 
RSX-11D and RSX-11M (all DEC systems).  It saw CP/M vanish, MS-DOS come 
and go, NT tried to challenge it, and even Windows hasn't beaten it.

It spawned Linux, which Billy Gates regarded as a serious threat ("any box 
running Linux is not running Windows") and even tried a smear campaign 
against it.

Unix was a design that "just worked" because K&R simply got it right, 
right from the start.

It'll never go away.

-- Dave
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