[AUUG-Talk]: AUUGN Donations Required!

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Thu Dec 10 11:13:38 EST 2009

Most of you would know about my personal effort to scan in all
of the old AUUG newsletters and make them available on the web at
http://minnie.tuhs.org/AUUGN/. Steve Jenkin donated a whole bunch
of AUUGNs to scan in, and Frank Crawford also just sent me a box
of AUUGNs to scan: thanks to them both.

Once I get these scanned in, I will have only these issues outstanding:
V09.2, V09.3, V11.5, V11.6, V12.1, V12.2, V12.3, V13.2, V13.4, and V13.5.
Can I ask for some volunteers to donate their copies of these issues to
the cause? I will have to break the spine in order to scan, but I am
happy to post them back to you once I have done the work.

Looking forward to many replies!

	Warren Toomey

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