[AUUG-Talk]: Re: [Auugps] AUUGPS and AUUG status

Christopher Vance Christopher.Vance at auug.org.au
Thu Oct 30 14:14:36 EST 2008

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 01:39:18PM +1100, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
>> One reason I believe the last few boards have been so paralysed is the
>> lack of face to face meetings, and the lack of ability to coordinate
>> regular meeting times, even by teleconference.
>No, I disagree.  The paralysis went much further back, to the time
>when we were having regular FTF meetings.

That's possible.  I joined the Board about the end of the FTFs.

>We've already established that there are very few people willing to
>carry on.  Limiting them to any one place is going to make the
>available pool even smaller.  I'd rather explore the teleconference
>idea if that's important to people.  My personal feeling, since I
>joined the AUUG board in 2000, was that we should have been making
>much more use of email.

During the time I was on Board, we used both teleconferencing and
email.  Neither worked.

With a teleconference you still need to pick a time when people will
come.  People still can't make it or don't come.  The particular
service we used was effectively free and the quality showed it.

Email only works if people reply.  Since this often didn't happen,
there were a bunch of ideas put forth which never reached a conclusion.

FTF makes attendance more obviously a choice.  I note that SAGE-AU
have provisions for removing people's committee bit if they're not

I think you need synchronous real-time communication so decisions are
actually made, and some accountability for execution to make them

Whether any of this is possible, I'm not sure.

Christopher Vance

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