[AUUG-Talk]: Creating a 'Google Summer of Code' for CS/SE in Australian Uni's

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Jul 1 12:13:26 EST 2008

I created an exchange on the CLUG list, that ended with a response from
Arjen (incl projects proto-list):

[my wrap, if anyone's interested]

The idea of having undergrad students learn by working on real code has
some appeal. Especially getting the best & brightest contributing their
work and used to contributing to FOSS.

There were real problems raised that need to be addressed before
something can happen:

 - the idea has to be promoted to lecturers.
    - But how to reach them?

 - it has to be *easy* for lecturers to adopt
    - at least a Wiki

 - candidate projects have to be *small* for undergrads
    - conversely, postgrad courses could engage larger FOSS projects

 - there has to be a mechanism to catch/filter/answer
    undergrad questions. Can't deluge teams with crap.

 - At the end of term, good work can be offered to the projects

 - there has to be a good collection of introductory materials
    - for FOSS in general and each project in detail
    - to bootstrap this: Any honours courses that allow 'doco'?

Any ideas on how I could progress this???

Where are the free resources to run an effort like this?
Can it all be done in Sourceforge?

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