[AUUG-Talk]: Re: does auug have a future?

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Feb 21 12:03:34 EST 2008

David Lloyd wrote:
>> An idea from a discussion from this years LCA miniconf organisers
>> suggested
>> that one of the ways that AUUG could get some interest going - there is
>> definitely an interest in other UNIX like OSs at LCA - was to run an
>> "AUUG Mini-conf".
> I proposed that, and noone made any response to it. Those who wish don't
> accept AUUG as truly dead (it is) wouldn't submit to being a mini-conf.
> Dead organisations cannot run conferences.

As you say, an organisation trying to figure out what to do next, is not in
the market to run a conference.

However as an alternative, an organisation perhaps looking for new membership
and new interest might want to look at starting small.

Which is why I suggested a Miniconf, as someone who has recently done that.
I believe that it might be worth while to plant the seeds of new interest.

Two things this gives you;
1) a regularly organised venue that visits different parts of the nation,
   that you don't have to worry about organising
2) contact with a lot of talented people that are right on the edge of the
   same interest base

I don't think it matters if AUUG decides to wind up, restructure, go low
budget or follow Gregs suggestion, etc. I believe its important that the
history of AUUG goes forth and show the rest of the community whats gone before.

Surely you all know the saying; "If you don't learn from history, you are
bound to repeat it"

I feel this is particularly important for the Linux community that I have been
part of over the last fifteen years. I know I wouldn't be in the position that
I am today - having been working for over ten years with my Linux skills - if
it was not for the UNIX guys that I learned from early on...


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