[AUUG-Talk]: AUUG Matters and Such

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Thu Apr 24 20:27:39 EST 2008

David Lloyd wrote:
> I have undertaken to provide the web master with some form of write up
> for the next meeting in South Australia and I will do that but only
> once. After that someone else might choose to write it up - I won't do
> voluntary work for an organisation where a member can treat me with
> such utter contempt.

That's a non-member, David, a non-member who does more for the
organisation than you and probably the majority of the members.  By all
means throw a hissy fit, but don't pretend you're trying to help if
that's all you plan to do.  Your no use to AUUG if you wont help.  I
don't want to be harsh, and I'm not trying to drive anyone away, but
AUUG has a serious problem and the kid-glove treatment has so far
failed.  Stop whining about feeling unwelcome especially as you must
know in your heart that all are welcome.  If you want to play emotional
blackmail then I'll see your step away and raise you a don't slam the
door on your way out.  But for preference, become part of the solution,
whatever that might be.

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