[AUUG-Talk]: Any activity?

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Apr 24 14:10:53 EST 2008

steve jenkin wrote:
> Kim Hawtin wrote on 24/4/08 12:56 PM:
>>> Why not complement linux.conf.au or SAGE-AU with the AUUG style
>>> content and speakers?
> SAGE-AU Conference is groaning - could be in the process of expiring -
> like CMGA did.
> There is good cause to run a 3-in-1 *with* a professional organiser and
> 'personally accessible' fees. Would help all three.
> [I've said elsewhere - go back to 'cheap', i.e. University, not
> expensive hotels]
>>> Organising a stream or MiniConf at LCA is certainly a lot less cost
>>> and hassle than a whole conference.
> The AUUG BYC as a part of linux.au.conf wouldn't generate the income
> AUUG needs to survive.
> But as a last resort, definitely. A way to keep the 'brand alive'

So what should happen as steps before that then?


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