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David MacLean david_maclean at iinet.net.au
Fri Sep 21 19:59:00 EST 2007


I have always attended AUUG when in Melbourne, but why have it on a weekend.
Those of us with children cannot get away from existing activities, even if
towards the end of the school holidays.

Many have already existing commitments to vacations that cannot be cancelled
and explained to eager faces as daddy has to go and be a geek for the

I am truly disappointed that I am unable to attend, especially if as you say
it is the last one.

As a Unix user/administrator/developer since 1979 (yes I did say 1979),
currently using OpenUnix, Linux and Mac, I feel that this is a great

I wish the rest of you a great conference and hope the disease is not

Sad Regards

David MacLean

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this is a reminder that yes we *are* having the AUUG conf this year in

The program is still coming together but we do have some concrete details
you should take note of now.

Conf dates:

Friday 12th of October 2007 to Sunday 14th of October 2007 inclusive.

Friday 12th of October 2007  

Saturday 13th of October 2007   
Sunday 14th of October 2007

$300.00 AUD.

Melbourne Museum (Home of CSIRAC) 

The program details page will be updated very very soon as will the
registration page.

But for now get ready to come to Melbourne for what is looking like a damn
fine AUUG conf.

As most of you know this will be the last AUUG conf in this form so we
encourage you to book leave, flights and accommodation now as we intend to
send the conf off in fine form.

See you there. 


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