[AUUG-Talk]: Proprietary Unixes (Dead?)

Gary R. Schmidt grschmidt at acm.org
Thu Oct 4 15:32:42 EST 2007

Andrew McRae wrote:
> Well, hmmm, there are certain organisations out there that
> have shown you get much better price/performance at real scale
> when you avoid the expensive stuff and use a layer of software
> over inherently unreliable hardware. The price you pay
> for the 5 9's hardware is fine when you want 5 or 10 servers,
> but starts to become expensive as you increase the orders
> of magnitude.
True, but it's a jugging/balancing act, and you *have* to get it right.

If an HA solution that only handles a maximum of two nodes is fine for 
you, then a pair of Linux boxes running DRBD may be enough, but what if 
you need more?

Or have a requirement for geographically separated systems, to handle 
big-time worst-case stuff.

Of course the low-cost solution can work, but it's not always simple.

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