[AUUG-Talk]: Re: AUUG AGM 2007 (Notice of Annual General Meeting)

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Mon Nov 26 22:51:25 EST 2007

Peter Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 23:31 +1100, Adrian Close wrote:
>> The Annual General Meeting of the AUUG for 2007 shall be held at the 
>> Rose Hotel, 406 Napier Street, Fitzroy (Melbourne), Victoria, on 
>> Wednesday December 12th, commencing at 7pm.
> I understand that the constitution does not at present permit members to
> attend the AGM electronically.

More importantly, the meeting requires a quorum of 10% of voting members 
personally present.  Most interstate members will be understandably 
reluctant to travel for the meeting, so Melbourne members absolutely 
must make the effort to attend.

I notice that the sole agenda item, other than the usual procedural 
ones, is "Dissolution/continuance of the AUUG(!)"  As I understand the 
constitution, no decision to dissolve AUUG can be taken on the 12th.  
Section 33 of the constitution addresses dissolution of the AUUG:

   1. Upon receipt of a petition requesting the dissolution of the AUUG
   from twenty or more members, or half the membership, whichever is
   less, the Secretary shall arrange for the question to be put to the
   membership by ballot no later than one month after the date that he
   receives the petition.

   2. If three-quarters of the members voting agree, the AUUG shall be

   3. If upon the dissolution of the AUUG there remains after
   satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property
   whatsoever, the same shall be paid or applied by the Management
   Committee, according to a resolution of the membership at or before
   the time of dissolution, to any fund, institution or authority
   which, itself, is either a non profit company as defined by Section
   3(1) of the Income Tax Act 1986 or is exempt from income tax.

On the 12th, members will decide whether to petition for the 
dissolution, and then a ballot can be taken.  Unfortunately it appears 
to me that the ballot must be a postal ballot (sec.42.1.)  I suppose the 
meeting on the 12th would also resolve exactly how assets should be 
distributed in the event that the ballot succeeds.

I question whether the UNSW Lyons Chair would meet the criteria listed 
in section 33.3 (above.)  I would suggest that the assets should be 
given to LA.

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