[AUUG-Talk]: AUUGN and Google

Frank Crawford frank at crawford.emu.id.au
Tue Nov 6 23:53:41 EST 2007

	For those who didn't attend the AUUG Conference, the agreement between
AUUG and Google has been signed and returned to Google.  The next step
is to supply copies of AUUGN for scanning.

	Through various means, I've now collected copies of AUUGN (many as
multiples) from Vol 1 No 1 through to Vol 25 No 3 with the exception of
Vol 5 No 2-4.  So if anyone copies of these that they can part with,
please contact me so we arrange to use them.

	Also, if anyone has a copy or two of the AUUG95 Conference Proceedings
(i.e. 1995 Conference in Melbourne) I'd also appreciate that, as it is
the only proceedings we do not have multiple copies of.

	Finally, can anyone answer how many volumes of DVD AUUGN we created
(Greg???).  I only have one, Vol 26 No 1, but think there were at least
two volumes.


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