[AUUG-Talk]: Power User Backups

Jon Wright jgw at mac.com
Mon Jan 15 07:07:45 EST 2007

On 15/01/2007, at 12:38 AM, Joel Sing wrote:
> The only other thing I would suggest is a couple of external hard  
> disk drives.
> Whilst I'm not personally a fan of backing data up to a hard drive,  
> it could
> be viewed as a better solution than nothing at all. Lacie and others
> manufacture external drive units - a 500GB Lacie Porche drive will  
> set you
> back a little under $500. Two of these would give you a semi- 
> reasonable
> backup solution for under a $1K. The downsides are more than likely  
> obvious -
> they are arguably more fragile than tape, you'll only have two  
> copies of your
> data and if your data grows bigger than the unit you've got problems.

Having kids who regularly delete files and then want them back, I am  
a fan of the "back it up to another disk" club (I have three external  
drives which hold the last three backups - one from "last week", one  
from "last month" and one from "last quarter". Stuff that is *really*  
important gets archived every quarter onto DVD but there is less of  
that than you might expect.....

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