[AUUG-Talk]: Power User Backups

Frank Crawford frank at crawford.emu.id.au
Mon Jan 15 00:05:07 EST 2007

	As a group of people who probably have a lot of data on their home
systems/networks, how do you manage offsite backups (or do you do it)?

	I've recently been looking at my local machine, and with nearly 400GB
of data (some good, some bad, and some just plain rubbish), I can't find
any reasonable method that will work for now and in the future that
won't cost me many $K.  For anything up to about $2K I can really only
get tape drives that backup 50-100GB, which is doable now, but not as
things keep growing.

	So, am I just mad to try and get my data out of my house, or, if I'm
not, what do others suggest to use to do it?


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