[AUUG-Talk]: AUUG2007 speakers

Joel Sing joel at ionix.com.au
Sun Feb 11 22:43:12 EST 2007

> Wow!!! I'm impressed that Joel has those sorts of contacts - or contacts
> that have those contacts...

LOL, it was a list of ideas. I do have contacts for some of them (probably the 
less notable ones), however I'm sure we can get in contact with the rest if 
we wanted to. I've spoken previously to Daniel Hartmeier, Radia Perlman and 
Hari Balakrishnan about presenting at AUUG - all were interested, pending 
their workload/availability. I have contact details for Stephen Hemminger and 
Kostas Pentikousis - have liased with these guys before on other topics. That 
just leaves the rest! :)
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