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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Feb 7 16:24:13 EST 2007

Arjen Lentz wrote on 7/2/07 12:45 PM:
> Hi Adrian,
> On 07/02/2007, at 11:07 AM, Adrian Close wrote:
>> On Wed, 7 Feb 2007, Arjen Lentz wrote:
>>> These three appear to neatly complement eachother.
>>> Can you indicate where AUUG fits?
>> All of the above.
> Are you joking? You want to actually compete with LCA/SAGE-AU/OSDC ?
> They are growing, AUUG has been shrinking for years.
> <snip>

> Regards,
> Arjen.
> --Arjen Lentz, Support Engineer & Trainer, MySQL AB
> Based in Brisbane, Australia

I'd have phrased Adrians' later response to Arjen like this:

AUUG is both Broad and Deep.
It covers the *whole* territory and attempts to "put it all together"
like no other group.
It also brings a bunch of history and experience along - and provides
the long view.

Interest Areas are Systems, Security, Applications/Services, Programming
as well as 'Management' and 'Business'.

The AUUG conference has an eclectic mix of speakers, attendees and
international 'names'.
You *will* be surprised at what you learn and whom you meet.
If you have only one conference to attend, this should be it.

Well - that was the case when I was attending...


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