[AUUG-Talk]: Attention auug.org.au administrators

David Newall david at davidnewall.com
Mon Dec 24 01:06:34 EST 2007


I think you've misunderstood what I meant by, "I want to have full 
control over the web service."  I didn't mean a mailing list, but the 
web software that is www/new.auug.org.au.  That's de rigueur for 
webmasters, at least when they're me.

Christopher Vance has already pointed me in the direction of the 
auug-adm mailing list, (thanks, Chris).  I'm rather unfamiliar with 
Mailman, but none-the-less managed to add myself to the auug-adm lists, 
(webmaster needs to known administrative issues), and I found and added 
myself to webmaster as an owner, too.

By the way: I missed your previous question about the auug-admin (sic) 
list.  Thanks for the offer, anyway.  It was something I needed, and my 
fault for missing it.  Still, other than one remaining issue with a 
password, it's all sorted and I hope not to need to think about Mailman 



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